Spring Cleaning

Hey everybody! Spring is just around the corner....are you ready for warmer temps and longer days as much as I am? Each year around the first week of March, I roll up my sleeves and break out all the cleaning supplies. I clean EVERYTHING from the baseboards to the top of the ceilings. One of my pet peeves was never being able to get windows and mirrors to sparkle and not have streaks. UUUGHHHHH.....I tried everything from using Windex with Vinegar, straight white vinegar, ammonia, chlorox infused water, newspaper as my "cloth", microfiber cloths, paper towels...you name it, I'd give it a whirl just to see if it would satisfy my obsession to have those crystal clear glasses and mirrors. It wasn't until I was sitting around spending too much time on Instagram, that I came across one of my favorite insta followers, Melissa Schleicher. She just happens to be the make up artist to Carrie Underwood and I love to get design inspirations from her as she owns Parlour 3 Beauty and many other locations in Nashville, TN. I visited one of her properties a couple of years ago and had a facial. That experience will be for another day and another post, stay tuned. For now, I want to talk about how to get that sparkle from something so simple. She did an insta story while she was cleaning a mirror at one of her salons. She said a lady that cleaned for her told her exactly what to do and she has always used this technique. Ok, I can hear you begging me to get on with it because we need to know!!! Here it is......

This is so simple: Saturate a dish washing cloth with warm to hot water. Then squeeze in DAWN DISHWASHING LIQUID and get the cloth very saturated and sudsy. Wipe the mirror, glass French doors or even the windows in your home with this bubbly cloth....Reeealllly saturate the area good. Then, with a dry dish drying cloth, get some elbow grease going and wipe it off!! No rinsing...That's it.....DONE!!! I have transformed my French doors to the point that even I have caught myself trying to walk through them because they are so crystal clear!!!.

If you all knew this before I told you, I wish someone would have saved me some misery over the past few years and brought this to my attention. LOL. I never knew but it's a game changer here thanks to that one insta story...see how simple that can be?! Hope you all are enjoying the slight beginnings and hints of warmer weather. Now, go clean some mirrors and glass! Here are the before and after:

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